About Our History

Our History

Science has been the narrative of our story.

Incorporated in Georgia on January 1, 1999, Selecto began to apply its pharmaceutical experience to replace conventional water filtration technologies of that time, which were costly and unreliable. Through the manufacturing of state-of-the-art media and high-technology chemistry, we developed and refined a family of filtration products that are today's industry standard. Selecto filtration systems reduce critical contaminants to help produce great-tasting beverages and improved equipment performance.

Today's Science

Today, our science comes from our staff of PhDs, engineers and chemists. We have earned more than 20 patents for serving the water filtration, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotech industries by staying on top of ever-changing water samples for a variety of characteristics. Our lab is also a major part of our R& D and QA processes. All of our raw materials are tested by us before using them in production.

We use those test results to engineer the products to meet your needs - so you can meet the needs and wants of your customer base. Applications include post-mix, ice machines, steam equipment, tea, coffee and espresso machines for the foodservice industry as well as specialty industrial application that require the finest water quality, and residential drinking water.

Our highly reliable water purification technology makes water taste really good, protects your health and is an essential ingredient in the highest-quality pharmaceutical products.

There's a reason why Selecto...

Delivers the best tasting water compared to competitors

Supplies the filters for the world's two biggest soft drink bottlers

Earns the business of large customers who switch from our competitors

Continues to grow every year - now in 13 countries