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Selecto, our family-owned business, has become the world's No.1 innovator of high-flow modular water filtration systems and binder-free carbon technology for food service, industrial and consumer products. Our leadership position was achieved by our dedicated team of managers and employees, all of whom share our vision and passion to making contaminant-free water accessible to everyone in the world. It is our personal hope that you and your customers enjoy the benefits that our advanced technology and high-quality products can deliver.

Terry Libin, Co-Founder and President
& Ehud Levy, Co-Founder and CEO

Terry LibinCo-Founder and President

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An entrepeneur at heart, who has founded and developed three successful businesses since the age of 19. Terry is solely responsible for Selecto's financial management and directs the company's operations and sales & marketing. Terry purchased Selecto, Inc. while still in college, and "shelved" it for a few years, so she could take advantage of its losses for tax benefits. Terry emphasizes the importance of a market-driven, focused and streamlined company, bringing fundamental business principles into a quickly moving entrepeneurial environment. A team builder, and people person she has established long-term alliances with international Fortune 500 companies in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Under her direction, Selecto has tripled it's market share in the past 5 years and the replacement cartridge business from 20% to over 80% while expanding the company's presence in Asia, Latin America and Middle-East through a growing distributor network. Beginning her career, with a degree in accounting, in Houston with Goldman Sachs. Terry led the restructuring and turn-around of Delta Technology in Houston, a manufacturer of capital equipment.

Ehud LevyCo-Founder and CEO

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Ed is an inventor at heart. He holds 21 US patents and has 12 pending. Before helping to build the present-day Selecto, Ed was an innovator in color technology in the agricultural and food industries. From 1980-82, he was Field Service Manager for Geosource, Houston, TX, for color sorting equipment used for sorting tomatoes.

As Founder and President of Delta Technology from 1982-86, he developed the first fiber-optical color sorter that could see real colors in agricultural products. As a consultant to M&M from 1986-89, Ed developed the first titanium pigment to improve the color of the M&M shell, helping the company launch a variety of new colors to fuel market growth.

Ed started Selecto Scientific under this name in 1989 and began the introduction of innovations that led to improved water filtration systems and separation media for the pharmaceutical , restaurants and virtually every segment of the food and beverage industry that are using his technology since then. He attended The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in his native Israel. He is fluent in Hebrew.

Cang Li Ph.D.Director of QC and R&D Testing

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Cang joined Selecto as a senior research chemist in March 1999. His wide range of duties in product development and testing for drinking water filtration, separation and purification materials are all directed toward quality control, manufacturing, technical customer services, product development and international sales. Cang is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), and "Water Technology" Magazine Advisory Board. He served on the NSF/ANSI Standard Development Joint Committee for drinking water treatment units (2004-2008) and has 25 scientific publications and one US patent.

He has also given several technical presentations in past several years at the annual meetings for several professional associations. Cang earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Peking University in China and his Master of Science Degree in Analytical Chemistry from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He earned his Ph.D. in Physical-Inorganic Chemistry from Boston University in 1997 and was a Postdoctoral Fellow-Assistant Scientist in the Institute of Paper Science & Technology at Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997-1999. He is fluent in Chinese.

Mihaela ThackerDirector of Operations

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After moving to the US from Romania in 1996, Mihaela worked for Selecto until 2004. For the next nine years, Mihaela worked for a local Nissan dealership, starting as a salesperson. Through hard work, she moved up through the ranks and was promoted to Finance Director. In 2014, Mihaela returned to Selecto. Using the skills she learned over the last 10 years, she became Selecto’s Plant and Purchasing Manager.

Mihaela oversees all aspects of manufacturing, purchasing, customer service, and recruitment as the Director of Operations for Selecto.

Tim OwensManufacturing and Warehouse Manager

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Tim focuses on manufacturing quality control and getting products to customers on time and cost-efficiently. He points to a 99-percent success rate for all products, including customized products, as his department's greatest achievement. Tim has been with Selecto for 16 year after 2 years as Production Manager for Sherwin Williams.

He is a member of the Association for Operations Management (APICS) and Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC). He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing and is working on his MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management.

Danny LincolnChief Engineer

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Danny is the Chief Engineer at Selecto. He is dedicated to the automation of processes and computer-aided design of prototypes for the R&D department. His experience with factory automation has dramatically improved Selecto’s filter manufacturing process by increasing efficiency and precision for mass production.

Much of his engineering experience comes from his time in the US Navy Avionics, and through working for the GEC Marconi Research Group. The major projects he worked on include the M1A1 laser rangefinder, the Vought Aircraft Hyper Velocity Missile, and the Covert Aircraft Recovery and Tracking systems.

Peter WangField Service Engineer

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Dedicated to the complete automation of mass production for global business partners, Peter holds a patent for the development of Selecto's SMF filtration system. Responsible for product development, design and manufacturing, he oversees every aspect of bringing products to market.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences and earned a license in HVAC from DeKalb Technical College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Mercer University. He has completed additional courses at Georgia Technology of Institute and holds certificates in CWS, IC. He has worked in water-related industries for his entire career.