About Our Values

Our Values: Focus, Innovation, Service

Incorporated in Georgia on January 1, 1999, our focus enables our people and extensive technical resources to be a boutique, specialty provider, responding with speed and agility to deliver solutions for a broad customer base. As a result, we have developed unique products and services for some of the world's most recognized multinational, Fortune 500 brands from bottlers, brewers, restaurant chains and OEMs to life-improving pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our success challenges us to innovate

Current environmental conditions and ever-increasing customer sophistication drive us to discover new and better ways to remove contaminants from water. Each customer requires its own solution, whether it's for beverages, pharmaceuticals or finely tuned processing operations. We focus on each solution.

Service ties our focus and innovation together.

From providing the right filter for each application to making sure each filter is properly installed and to answering any question that may arise during a filter's operating life, service builds our relationship with each customer.

Relationships help us focus on innovation.

As a result, we have customers from the day we started business.