Selecto's R&D investment in water filtration has resulted in a myriad of highly advanced products for water filtration and purification from drinking water filters for taste and scale control to advanced ceramic media for commercial solutions.


Water is an essential part of our daily lives and it is our mission to improve it. At Selecto, we have heavily invested in the research and development of water filtration and purification technologies to do just that. Selecto water filtration technology and constant R&D efforts play a key role in providing the purest water for drinking, and vital pharmaceutical, food and industrial processing needs.

We have been awarded several patents not just in the United States but around the world.
We use only top quality materials and high quality construction.
NSF- and WQA-certified technology.
Modular Assembly - Easy one-twist replacement and easy installation.
Environmentally Aware - Once-a-year replacement, high capacity and recyclable materials.
Cost-effective solutions can lower maintenance costs, increase the life and efficiency of your equipment.

Hollow Carbon

Proprietary materials and activation methods create a highly porous catalytic carbon structure with enormous surface area and the ability to remove multiple impurities simultaneously, at high flow rates with minimal pressure loss.Learn More

Ceramic Media

Selecto is the largest manufacturer of alumina for chromatography with a capacity of over 1,000 metric ton per year.Learn More


Advanced ultrafiltration technology incorporates proprietary nano-alumina fibers with unique electrostatic properties to inhibit scale formation and remove particulate down to 0.025 microns.Learn More

Ion Exchange

A mixed bed of hollow carbon and weak acid cation resin work synergistically to remove chlorine, organics, hardness minerals and other dissolved solids that cause scale and corrosion in steamers, combi-ovens and expensive brewing equipment.Learn More

Scale Inhibitor

Food-grade polyphosphate dissolves slowly & uniformly over the life of the cartridge to inhibit scale formation in steamers, combi-ovens and brewing equipment.Learn More

Cartridge Management

A poorly managed filtration program is worse than no program at all! Don’t place your brand, customers or appliances at risk by not changing cartridges at the recommended frequency. Selecto's cartridge management system makes managing cartridge change outs a snap. Simply scan the QR code on the filter cartridge and enter a few bits of information. Doing so activates the best cartridge warranty in the industry and ensures change out reminders are received in the future!

Lead Reduction

A proprietary combination of advanced filtration media filters out dangerous lead from your water supply. Something other filters just can't handle.Learn More