Selecto Ion Exchange Systems

Water treatment technology for exceptional beverages and equipment protection.


Selecto ion exchange "Flash" systems deliver premium quality water over a wide range of water conditions. These systems are simple to install, maintain, and extremely efficient. They are ideally suited for steamers, combi-ovens, coffee/tea brewers and espresso machines operating on water with hardness levels up to 20 grains (350 ppm) -- where reduction of chlorine, other impurities, hardness minerals and total dissolved solids is desired.

  • Enhance guest satisfaction with clean and safe water
  • Maximize equipment reliability and throughput
  • Reduce scale formation on critical heating elements
  • Improve heat transfer efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs
Selecto Brewing Brochure

Mixed-Bed Media

Proprietary advanced media removes undesirable impurities in water and inhibits the formation of scale in steamers and brewing equipment. Selecto ion exchange systems employ a mixed-bed of high porosity hollow carbon media and weak acid cation ion exchange resin. Hollow carbon media is renowned for its high capacity and ability to remove impurities such as chlorine, chloramine, organics, and other undesirable elements that cause off-taste/odor and contribute to equipment reliability issues such as corrosion. Ion exchange resin reduces carbonate hardness and other dissolved solids, thereby inhibiting the formation of problematic scale in heat exchange equipment such as brewers, steamers, and combi-ovens.

SMF Modular Filtration Platform

Selecto ion exchange systems are built on the legendary SMF platform which forms the backbone of our water filtration portfolio. SMF platform modularity enables extensive flexibility in selecting the optimal treatment solution for whatever water challenges face your operation.

  • Multi-stage cartridge design reduces multiple contaminants efficiently and simultaneously
  • High capacity performance validated and certified
  • Extremely low pressure drop does not restrict water flow
  • Turbo flow technology resists plugging, eliminating need for pre-filters
  • Easily expandable to increase capacity
  • Precision blend valve to dial-in desired water quality
  • Wall mounted for sanitation and easy cartridge change outs

Standard Ion Exchange Systems

Available in single, twin, triple, and quad configurations with system capacities ranging from 1,800 to 13,600 gallons. Unfiltered water can be bypassed around the system to extend capacity and/or dial in the desired level of effluent quality.

Enhanced Ion Exchange Systems

Enhanced IX systems are similar to Standard IX Systems but incorporate an SMF IC600 CoffeePro cartridge containing hollow carbon and a polyphosphate scale inhibitor. This cartridge provides enhanced chlorine/chloramine removal as well as a scale inhibition "insurance policy" in the event of ion exchange cartridge exhaustion. Enhanced IX Systems are offered in modular configurations with capacities ranging from 1,800 to 6,200 gallons. Filtered water can be bypassed around the system to extend capacity and/or dial in the desired level of desired effluent quality.

RO Alternative

Reverse osmosis is often portrayed as a worry-free water treatment solution. In reality, system operation, performance, and lifespan are highly dependent on pretreatment, monitoring, and maintenance. Successfully executing an RO program is therefore challenging in foodservice environments. In addition, many commercial RO systems waste a gallon of water for every gallon of "good" water produced. Water for brewing beverages can be produced using a much simpler solution such as Selecto ion exchange systems.

  • Reduces sediment, chlorine, chloramine and other chemicals
  • Reduces hardness and total dissolved solids
  • Lowers upfront acquisition and ongoing operating costs
  • Requires no pretreatment - truly a plug and play solution
  • Wastes no water to drain, saving resources and money
  • Eliminates electrical and mechanical serviceable parts

Case Study

Proven Results -- World's Largest Quick Service Chain

  • Situation: A location in the Southwest was experiencing boiler failures in specialty coffee brewers every six months - resulting in lost sales, frustrated employees and repair costs exceeding $1,000 per incident.
  • Diagnosis: The existing reverse osmosis system was improperly maintained and not functioning. Calcium carbonate scale was precipitating on the boiler, causing over-heating, failure, and interrupted brewing.
  • Solution: Install a Selecto IX system, which required minimal maintenance, protected the boiler, and kept brewing and business going by eliminating failures and downtime.