NanoSmart Technology

Innovative Approach to Scale Control & Specific Contaminants Removal.

Selecto's NanoSmart Technology

Selecto's NanoSmart technology is an excellent example of a single elegant filtration solution flawlessly providing safer and better-tasting water, longer-lasting equipment and lower maintenance costs. NanoSmart technology handles sediment, taste & odor, chlorine, chloramine, scale, and microbial removal, and is suitable for multiple commercial and home applications.


The NanoSmart series specialty filter has a number of different components. A highly charged catalyst Hollow Carbon with free oxide surface and nano-Zinc prevents scale buildup and removes dissolved contaminants. A pleated Titanium-Oxide fiberglass membrane removes pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and live cysts.

Selecto's SMF Nano-Filtration System is specifically designed for water containing high TDS and hardness (up to 300 ppm). It softens water without the use of salt, and provides the benefits of reverse osmosis filtration without the inconveniences and maintenance requirements of a typical reverse osmosis system.

As opposed to polyphosphate-based technologies that sequester Ca2+ / Mg2+, NanoSmart technology prevents scale formation without adding any chemicals to the filtered water or removing the metal ions from the water. The ions, that are an essential component of our nutrition, stay in the water in the form of nano-crystals.

The Hollow Carbon component provides the high flow rates with minimal pressure drops, with exceptional chemical and mechanical reduction of contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine and dissolved solids associated with hard water.

Other variations of Selecto's NanoSmart technology include an optional ceramic media component that can remove contaminants such as fluoride and lead.