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Customer Service: Timely Advice

Our Customer Service Specialists can help you with:

  • Placing an order
  • Solving a Problem
  • Water analysis / Water test kit
  • Recycling Information
  • SMF General Install Manual - (View)

All Selecto water filtration systems and replacement cartridges have barcode tracking to provide you with:

  • Date of manufacture
  • PO number
  • Raw material content
  • Raw material souces

Selecto Customer Service starts with identifying the contaminants you need to remove from your water. With hundreds of them found in drinking water systems worldwide, it takes a detailed analysis of your water and targeted end-use goals to specify the Selecto system that will work for you.

We have a large number of unique water filtration products available with more in the development stage.

Contact us anytime in the way that's most convient for you:

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Water Analysis

Our turnkey customer service starts with a complete chemical analysis of the water you need to filter. Using our water test kit, we will determine the alkalinity, ammonia, chloride, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, hardness, pH, nitrate, sulfate, sodium, total dissolved solids, turbidity, particle count, particle size range and trihalomethanes levels in your water.

Product Selection

Once we've analyzed the contaminants in your water and know the size of the filter you will need, we can help you select the right one. Our online product selection guide can provide you with full details on the product or products we recommend, and you can discuss our recommendations by phone or online chat with one of our highly trained customer service specialists.

Selecto™ Product Ordering

You can order your Selecto water filtration system online or by telephone.