Commercial Markets

Our Markets: Touch-Points for Everyone's Life

Water is universal. So are our markets

Selecto provides purification and separation technologies for a diverse customer base, including:

Restaurants and Food Services

Great-Tasting Water is pure pleasure for your customers — and a pure necessity for you.

  • We can make the flavor pop in Fountain Drinks and Hot Beverages - brewed coffee, espresso and hot tea and ice tea.
  • Our filtration systems for Ice Machines ensure good taste for everything from drinking water and soft drinks to cocktails.
  • Because our systems remove contaminants that form scaling in your equipment, you'll get longer, more cost-effective service from anything in your operation that uses water - including your dishwashers.

Industrial Applications

Selecto Ceramics are used in the most innovative purification and separation processes for many vital pharmaceuticals, beneficial drugs and other products that require the highest grade of purified water.

Today, our water separation and purification technologies serve:
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Cosmetics
  • Specialty Filters for specific contaminants


Our years of experience and vast expertise in water filtration will help you deliver high-performance systems to customers.

Whether you install them in equipment for commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical, marine or residential uses, Selecto systems are built and tested to exacting standards for highly reliable, cost-effective service.

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