Commercial Products

For over 25 years, Selecto Inc. has been a proud partner with businesses throughout the commercial marketplace, including two of the world's largest soft drink bottlers. Selecto is proud to deliver products that provide the best tasting water, protect you and your customers' health, and play a key role in manufacturing the highest-quality pharmaceutical products.

Drinking Water Filtration

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Great tasting water is pure pleasure for your customers - and a pure necessity for you. Make flavors pop in fountain drinks, coffee, teas, and all your other hot and cold beverages. Produce the best tasting ice for everything from drinking water, to soft drinks, to cocktails. Even prevent scale build up from contaminates, increasing the life-span of any appliance that uses water - including your dishwashers.

Speciality Water Purification and Separation Products

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More than just drinking water, our Specialty Water Purification and Separations products are used everywhere from drug and cosmeceutical manufacturing to removal of heavy metal from water supplies to fuel cell and catalyst filtration. See how our advanced filtration technology can support your industry.