Lead and Impurity Control

So, you probably think water comes out of your tap pure and clean, right? Well, not always... Water is like a cocktail mixed with all sorts of ingredients, some of which are pretty nasty. For example, water can pick up lead as if flows through pipes in your home. Selecto offers innovative home filtration solutions that remove lead and other undesirable impurities from drinking water.

Decades of experience in the commercial food service industry has resulted in the development of proprietary technologies that stop things like lead dead in its tracks. Two proprietary types of media work synergistically to provide superior reduction of impurities over a wide range of water conditions, with minimal pressure loss that won’t restrict flow.

Hollow Carbon

100% pure high porosity catalytic carbon removes chlorine, chloramine, organics, and other chemicals.


Nanofiber membrane that traps particulate down to 0.025 microns – including lead.

Extensive testing in our R&D laboratory reveals that many NSF certified filters on the market remove only a fraction of the impurities they claim. Why is this? It’s because filters are rated using pure water synthesized in a lab. In the real world like the one we live in, water contains a lot of other “stuff”. For example, the reaction of chlorine and organics forms byproducts called trihalomethanes (THM’s). In the presence of trihalomethanes, many filters perform at only a fraction of their NSF rated capacity. In other words, your filter might not be doing everything that you think it is. Never fear though. The solution is a stronger Selecto filter not affected by all that other stuff!!! Even in the presence of high THM levels, Selecto filters reduce lead by 99% compared to 20% or less for others.

So whatever is in your water cocktail, you can trust Selecto products to remove unwanted contaminates for the rated capacity of the filter – guaranteed! Check out our whiteboard video to learn more.

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